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Employee Recognition

The Award Story

When MetCap Living set out to formally recognize its employees, a very special award was required to pay tribute to very special people. The company commissioned Artcast Inc. in Georgetown, Ontario to design and produce the award. Artcast is renowned for its work and its vast experience casting bronze sculptures using the 'lost wax process' (also called investment or precision casting). Over several months, the talented Artcast team designed the figurine, created the mould then cast, finished and polished the one-of-a-kind MetCap Living awards. These unique treasures are intended to recognize, each year, the Best MetCap Living Building, the company's Best Employee, Downright Neighbourly Awards(former) for extraordinary customer service, and Above & Beyond for extraordinary contributions to MetCap. The story behind the birth of the awards is fascinating and the results are even more compelling.

The awards were initiated to pay tribute to those exceptional individuals and communities who through their efforts and skills, made outstanding and extraordinary contributions towards the betterment of MetCap Living Management team.

MetCap Awards:

Employee of the Year - Leasing and Marketing
Employee of the Year – Financial Administrator
Employee of the Year - Corporate Office
Employee of the Year - Operations
Employee of the Year - Assistant Resident Manager
Employee of the Year – Resident Manager
Building of the Year - Under 150
Building of the Year – Over 150
Most Outstanding Building of the Year
Above and Beyond – 5 winners

MetCap Service Awards:

20 Year Service Award
15 Year Service Award
10 Year Service Award
5 Year Service Award


All permanent, full-time employees currently employed at MetCap, who have served for at least 12 months are eligible for the honor.

All buildings currently under MetCap management for the last 12 months are eligible.

The nominator and nominee shall not be the same individual.

No employee is eligible for the same award for two consecutive years, but could be nominated in a different category such as the Above and Beyond if they qualify.

Directors, VP's and President are not eligible for awards.

Nomination Procedure:

To nominate a colleague, manager or co-worker for the above awards, MetCap Living Management Inc. invites all the employee to submit nomination forms to select MetCap's best.

Directors, Managers and Supervisors of each department are expected to nominate outstanding employees for their contributions over the past 12 months.

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*A= Award, *E= Event