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Our Vision

Michael O'Gallagher founded the organization in 1988 and, from the outset, Michael taught us all to 'Make No Small Plans'.

Michael O'Gallagher, 1957-2002

It was Michael O'Gallagher's dream to build a multi-family residential organization that would be the envy of its peers. "We should all take enormous pride in the dynamic enterprise we're building," he enthused, "providing great neighbourhoods for people to live and grow is a meaningful goal."

Born and raised in Montreal, Michael came to Toronto to pursue his dreams in 1983. Five years later he established Metro Capital Group (later renamed MetCap Living) where he successfully syndicated the purchase of commercial real estate properties. His focus shifted to the multi-family sector in the early '90s and, by 1997, he returned to his roots with the purchase of Montreal's crown jewel of residential rental properties Olympic Village.

'Make no small plans' was Michael's unique way of summarizing his view of life and business. That credo influenced a list of impressive accomplishments made significantly more extraordinary given his all too short lifetime.

It was important to Michael that "we build a lasting foundation for those who follow." Clearly, he did just that. At the time of his passing in November, 2002, MetCap Living's portfolio, valued in excess of $800 million, featured approximately 8,000 units managed by 750 employees responsible for the accommodation of more than 25,000 people - a remarkable legacy considering Michael closed his first multi-family purchase only nine years earlier.

Michael was both the vision and the passion behind MetCap Living. His vision, and how to achieve it, is an integral part of the organization's DNA. His infectious passion remains very much alive today in the many people who shared his dream and provides the energy that will continue to drive that dream well into the future.