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Renting an apartment in Ontario opens the doors to the plethora of opportunities the province provides. There are so many things renters will love and admire about living in a province like Ontario – from lifestyle to culture to economy.

As Canada’s most populous province, Ontario is home to approximately 13.5 million people. With so many urban centres such as Toronto, Ottawa and Mississauga, it is no surprise that more than 85 per cent of the population lives in an urban city along the Great Lakes.

The name Ontario comes from the Iroquois term for beautiful water. It compliments the fact that Ontario boasts more than 250,000 lakes across the province. In 1867, Ontario became a separate province from Quebec, when it joined the other provinces to create the Dominion of Canada.

Ontario is centrally located and is bordered by provinces such as Manitoba to the west, Quebec to the east and US states including New York, Minnesota, and Ohio to the south.

Ontario’s thriving economy is largely based on the manufacturing industries, which employ about 79 per cent of the province’s population. Cities such as London, Windsor, Kingston, and Brockville are known to have many manufacturing plants and offices within the cities. So if you’re looking for a job in that industry, consider renting an apartment in Southwestern or Eastern Ontario.
Other service sectors such as the financial and professional industries, contribute to Ontario’s economy as well.

Ontario has a continental climate. In the summer, temperatures can rise above 30°C which is the perfect weather for outdoor swimming, camping, canoeing, and other summer activities. While in winter, in some cities, such as Thunderbay, they can drop below -40°C. Despite the frigid weather, renters can take advantage of all the winter sports Ontario offers such as skiing, skating, curling, and hockey.

Although English is Ontario’s official language, there are many French-speaking communities scattered around the province. Ontario is described as a multicultural province as some of its cities such as Toronto, have more than 100 languages and dialects spoken in the city.

Finding the right post-secondary institution for you shouldn’t be a problem as Ontario offers 20 public universities and 24 colleges. Some examples of the esteemed universities include Western University in London, McMaster University in Hamilton, The University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa.
Many of Ontario’s historic buildings have been well preserved and are now popular tourist attractions. Ontario is also home to many renowned festivals such as the annual Caribana – North America’s largest Caribbean Parade, Jazzfest – one of the largest musical celebrations of its kind, and the world-renowned TIFF – the Toronto International Film Festival.

The rental lifestyle in Ontario is perfect for the artistic and art-inspired renter as Ontario is praised for having many well-known galleries such as the National Gallery of Canada and the Art Gallery of Ontario as well as a host of small galleries and public art projects.

If living next to nature is your cup of tea, then rent an apartment in St. Catherine’s or the along the Niagara escarpment because you’ll be living besides one the world’s most magnificent natural wonders, Niagara Falls.
Depending on which city you decided to rent in, the rental market usually offers different low-rise, mid-rise and highrise units. The never-ending list of things to do and see in Ontario makes Ontario a wonderful place to call home.